Here’s Mido Farid’s game for this week, it makes a great bridge between the Summer Clothes and Winter Clothes theme, and also includes a touch of weather vocab!

1. Β Put flashcards of both Summer andΒ Winter Clothes on the board.

2. One kid from each team comes to the front with their back to the board.

3. Everyone shouts out together “What’s the weather like?” (or “How’s the weather?”)

4. The teacher points an imaginary microphone at one of the sat down students.

5. This student answers with “It’s hot/cold/rainy/snowy” or whatever weather they like.

6. The two students at the front have to quickly turn around, draw a circle round an appropriate piece of clothing and say “Put on your ….” plus the clothing e.g. “Put on your coat” if it’s “cold” or “Put on your shorts” if it’s hot!

7. Two new kids come to the front.

8. Repeat from step 3 until all the clothes have been circled!

Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “Circle My Clothes”

  1. Thea - CYPRUS

    fantastic work!!!! makes days happier, easier and more enjoyable both for teachers and students!

  2. Margit

    Great game,

    just one thing :
    If I go to the site with summer clothes it is English mixed up with Chinese Characters.
    Is it a personal computer thing or something that needs to be fixed?
    It doesn’t really matter for me, but I thought I’d let you know.

  3. faruk bulcum

    another super cool game of Genki English. thanks a lot. I have taught both weather conditions and clothes, that’ll be good practice

  4. Martin Wenzel

    Thank you! Looking for more games to work with the clothes lessons. Coming up on doing these lessons for the first time in my own school, so a little nervous about good fun productive activities.

  5. Martin Wenzel

    Haha, looked at my lesson plan. Already had this in there! Nice.

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