A pretty nice city eh? Only 90 mins from Seoul or Shanghai!

Thank you everyone for yesterday, it was fantastic to be back here!  And a special big thank you to everyone who asked requests and all those amazing questions.  I hope I managed to answer most of them for you.

Of course you can also email me with any follow up questions – especially those of you who are just starting your own schools – and I’ll actually be back in Fukuoka at the ACET teachers meeting next Sunday afternoon 13th April (Amikas Bld (Takamiya station)   So do pop along if you want to ask more questions or learn some great new ideas from all the amazing teachers there.

Ok, here’s what we did yesterday:

Pre-Class activity:  an activity on the board before class starts saves you weeks of class time over the year.

The Agreement: to get *everyone* participating!

Why Genki English Songs?  ( Twinkle, twinkle? )  &  Disco Warm Up:  Remember to Challenge!

To experience what the kids feel like:  Wie heisst du?   to get the input from the computer  then stopwatch game to get the output.

Photos from Africa, India & Russia:  We have nothing to complain about in Japan!

Curriculum efficiency  & the top 100 words of English (I’ll blog about this soon!):  Teach in sentences to cover grammar & the most common English words.

What’s your favourite sport?  leading into easy past tense with just one change of word + I like everything game ( my top no-prep game!)

Irregular Past with Baby Dinosaur

Request for Easter Egg Hunt,  Chocolate Monster game and Easter picture book!

Then it was lunchtime!

After lunch the the most popular request was Start your own school & get more students than you can imagine! – remember, your competition isn’t the cram schools, they sell a totally different product,  your competition is the government schools and they are doing a terrible job, parents are crying out for amazing teachers like yourself.  They just don’t know you are out there yet  – follow the tips and they will!   日本語版はこちら

Then everyone wanted to go through Genki Phonics.

And we livened things up a bit with I’m sorry song and the Superheros!

Wow, now that was a lot!   I hope your heads weren’t exploding too much, and thank you to everyone who came from Nagoya, Osaka, Nagasaki and Kagoshima – I hope you had a safe journey home!

As I say I’ll be back in Fukuoka next Sunday at the ACET teachers meeting (not presenting, I just go to learn new things myself!)  and I’ll also be around the city Starbucks doing computer work for the next few weeks if there’s any other help you need!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

8 Responses to “Fukuoka Round Up!”

  1. Drew Smith

    Yes there was a lot covered – from some very basic to quite advanced insights. Thank you very much Richard. It was most informative and has got the head spinning with new ideas. Always good to bounce ideas around in such a lively forum. It was good to see the master at work. Cheers. Drew. PS. Don’t forget the idea of Hero!!!

  2. Richard

    You are most welcome! It was great to have you there and you made my job a whole lot easier motivating everyone, especially in the beginning!

    Just had a look at “Hero” this morning ….. maybe we should keep him for the “s” level – it might only take me another 15 years to make enough songs to get there! 🙂

  3. Trevor

    Yeh, thanks Richard. I got a much better insight into how you use the software and manage your classes. I was also very impressed with your phonics teaching method. Plenty of ideas to put into practice. Craig has been giving me a nudge to get to the ACET meetings, may see you there. I want to give that T25 a go someday too.

  4. Drew Smith

    RE HERO! Well if there is a man for the job – You are certainly it!

  5. Susan K

    Thanks for the post, Richard! It’s always interesting to hear about your workshops. Nice photo!

  6. Richard

    Cool, very glad you liked it Trevor! Definitely do pop along to Acet, I always get at least 2 or 3 really nice ideas each time! 🙂 Just got my T25 weights from Canal City – dude they were heavy to bring home!!!

  7. Trevor

    At the seminar you put up a definition of “shy”. Was this your definition or did you pull it from a dictionary? If it was a dictionary do you remember where you got it?

  8. Richard

    Hi Trevor,

    It was “Shyness is the degree to which you can communicate” I actually got it from Brian Tracy!

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