New Game: I declare war on zombies!

The bright eyed might remember this game from August, where the title was a little controversial to say the least!

Well, how about this Halloween version…..

Of course it is still a “Use at your own risk” game …

I Declare War Β – on zombies!!!!

Original by Jessica Wendt

This is a traditional Mexican kids game that my students taught me and just can’t get enough of! Β (And I’ve just added zombies – Richard)

You need to play it outside with a good sized space to run around and you can play with small or large groups.

Before playing, teach them some Halloween Monsters e.g. here or here plusΒ the phrase, “I declare war” and the vocabulary Big Steps (or Giant), Medium Steps (or Normal), and Small Steps(or tiny or baby)

1. On the ground, use some chalk to draw a big circle and write “STOP” inside the circle.

2.Draw another circle around that circle and divide it into the amount of students you have. Have each student stand on one of the divided parts. They should pick the name of a Halloween Monsters and put a flashcard of their monster on their individual part. They should have one foot in their section and one foot out.

3. You begin by saying “I declare war on……pirates!!!!” (an example, just pick a monster in the circle!)

4. If you said “pirates”, the student standing on “Pirates” must jump into the STOP circle and shout STOP!!! The other students should make a run for it! When the student shouts STOP, all the students have to freeze where they are.

5. Now comes the tricky part. They pick one of the students who fled and have to say in what distance that can reach that person (stepping on their foot). They can use small/medium/big steps. They’ll say, for example, “I can get to the zombies in 2 big steps and one medium step.”

6. They take the steps they declared, and if they arrive (in this case to the zombies), the zombiesΒ gets a point. Actually, in mexico, they say that that country gets a “baby”!! If the pirates don’t arrive, the pirates gets a baby!

7. Play again and again, and the country with the most points at the end loses.

Thanks Jessica!

What do you guys think?

I’ve got a feeling the boys are going to love this!


P.S. Vol. 12 CD version is now available!

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Richard Graham

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2 Responses to “New Game: I declare war on zombies!”

  1. dan burgess

    Great Game! especially for older kids.

    Richard, I was wondering if you have ever developped a “genki” version of “red light – green light”? (I’d be glad to explain how it works if you haven’t heard of it.)


  2. Martin

    I love these games. The only constraint is safe playing area! Then it is just a matter of getting them to understand the rules and just having fun (while using English properly!)

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