New Game: Match Maker! (Fruits)

Hope you had a great weekend (and loved the fruits!)

Here’s Mido’s groovy game of the week just for you.

Teach today’s lesson as usual. And then ….

1. Put today’s A4 flashcards around the room. Β (On desks, not on the floor!)

2. Give each child a set of today’s minicards.

3. Teacher says “Go!”

4. The kids have to race to each A4 card, hold up their corresponding mini card, say the English out loud then slap it down on the A4 card!

5. Time how long it takes everyone to get rid of all their cards!

6. Get them to do it all again – this time faster!

Why put the a4 cards on desks?

If you put them on the floor we’d have to call the game “Head Banger!” (and have a healthy supply of bandages ready!)

Also give a time penalty to the whole group if anyone puts down a card without holding it up high or saying the English.

No cheatingΒ allowedΒ here!

What lesson to try this with?

Well, how about these new fruits cards to go with the Fruit Market theme!

Fruits 1


Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “New Game: Match Maker! (Fruits)”

  1. Margit

    Great idea again;

    I improvised though and made a mixture of Mido’s “Over my head!” and this one;
    make two groups of kids and have them form in two lines. They are with the back to the A4 cards on the table. I give the last kid in each row a fruit card (different per group) and they have say “It’s a …” and then pass the card to the person in front of them. And so on, the first person in line says the sentence, runs to the back of the room and puts the mini card on the A4 card that matches. Then this “runner” is last in line and gets the next fruits card.
    It was great fun with my kids. And everyone is speaking. Thanks a lot for the idea!

  2. Gudrun

    Great, thanks a million, Richard! One problem when printing out the mini cards though is a gray line right between the fruit and its name (bananas has even two!).

    Also would it be too much work for you to do these without any writing on them? I have started some courses for school kids and they just read the minicards… with a German pronunciation, of course, and then I have to tell them the right pronunciation and they ask me why, so it’s too much of a time loss for me to use the minicards, but I and the kids like all the games we can play with them. So, it would be really helpful not to have the name of the fruit or object on there.
    Thanks as always and happy June!

  3. richard

    Hi Gudrun,

    The grey lines are supposed to be shadows! πŸ™‚

    Yes indeed I would actually love to do all the minicards without any lettering, precisely for the reason you mentioned!
    Unfortunately many schools aren’t quite that advanced yet and want the lettering.

    I can certainly look at doing some without, but it is quite a lot of work so it might take a while.

    I think I should seriously look for another assistant to help with worksheets, cards etc.
    I’d need someone with good Flash and design skills as well as basic HTML and photoshop.
    Pay wouldn’t be much, but they get the joy of knowing they are helping all you wonderful people! πŸ™‚

    If anyone is interested, please get in touch!

  4. Elizabeth Okafor


    I Thank God for your life. You are a role model to our generation. Wonderful job. Keep it up.

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