One of the most important days in my life

Today I had an exciting day! And I think it was one of the most important days in my life which Iโ€™ll never forget!!

Thank you very much for your work done for us, for your time, for your energy you shared with us, for your positive thinking, for your smiles,
and of course for the lessons you taught us.
And the โ€œI can โ€ฆ!โ€ lesson was the most important!!!

I remember how it all got started. It was just a little hope: what if I write an e-mail? Maybe Iโ€™ll get an answerโ€ฆย :-)

And now I know if I really want to do something
I CAN DO IT sooner or later!

Of course there were something which is to improve. And Iโ€™ll do my best to become really genki and looking for the next meeting with you.

My best wishes,
Julia, Yaroslavl, Russia

This was the email I received from Julia after doing myย first workshop over Skype.

Needless to say, I was very happy it went so well. ย And even more moved to receive such nice words.

Thank you to everyone, and especially Julia for making it all work so well.

Your Country Next?

I know how hard it can be to organise workshops in other countries, I’m currently in India and had to fly to London to get my visa!

So, for a limited time, ย I’m going to try offering up the possibility of doing the same Skype workshops in other areas of the world.

You just get a group of enthusiastic teachers together (the hardest part!), find a room with an internet connection and off we go.

I’ve done real life workshops on three continents, sponsored by Oxford University Press, Government Ministries and Boards of Educations around the world, but the skype thing is still a little new.

So, whilst we’re still figuring out the best way of doing this, there won’t be a charge, you’ll get a full on Genki English workshop in exchange for working together with me to make this as successful as the real live ones.

Wherever you are!

Flying everywhere can be very expensive, so I’m very excited about how this can open up Genki English training to those of you in more remote or developing areas.

As everyone who attends says, reading about things on the website is one thing, but actually seeing it happen in front of you is a whole different experience!

I won’t be able to offer the free ones forever, so if you are interested, get in touch in the comments, letting me know where you are!

And I’ll leave you with the words of one of the teachers who attended last time – next time this might be you?

Thank you very much for such a great virtual workshop.

Such charismatic people like you make our planet go round.

Your ideas about bringing positive thinking to a classroom are super and very useful in ourย stressfulย time.

Pupils really need this.

All my colleagues and I will use your wonderful ideas in the teaching practice and we are very grateful to you for sharing them with us.


If you have experienced a Genki English workshop it would be fantastic to hear your comments on the blog too!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

20 Responses to “One of the most important days in my life”

  1. Kobekid

    thanks for sharing this Richard! Very inspiring and I hope the new Skype format will help spread the word even more. Skype is opening up all kinds of opportunities education wise there’s no reason it can’t help GE reach more students and teachers.

    If you think you can you can!

  2. Daniel

    I’m in Japan! I want to see your virtual workshop, please!!!

  3. Margit

    Wow, a Skype workshop without charge. That’s you!
    I hope teachers all around the world get the kick to contact you for this.

    And though I don’t know how great Skype can deliver all the messages packed in a workshop, anyone being in a country easy to reach, you really should try to get Richard over in person (I guess easy would be Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc???)

    It is just such a difference to experience all the philosophies of this site live. I’ve experienced 3 workshops and before that I had watched all the videos several times, and I thought I “Knew” . But it is all much much more behind each single topic than we believe.

  4. Cathy Lundstedt

    Very interested in seeing workshop. Am in Seattle, WA if there are others in the area?????

  5. Julia

    Hi Richard!
    Thank you for your warm words!
    But it’s you who inspired me to do what I’ve done.
    And I hope our work will be continued.

    Hi everyone!
    The Internet makes distances almost dissappear. If you use this wonderful opportunity to spend two hours with Richard you will be charged with energy and enthusiasm for the whole school year ahead.

    I’d like to make such meetings regular ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Karen


    I live in France and have been teaching English to young kids for the last ten years.

    I’ve been receiving the newsletters for a few months now and used the free “How are you” lesson in my lessons, which was an instant hit, I couldn’t believe how much the kids remembered compared to the stuff I’d been teaching previously. I finally took the plunge and bought the full download pack last week.
    Tonight will be my first Genki lesson of the term with new students and, as of tomorrow, I’ll be using it in all my other lessons.

    If you organise a skype workshop in France I’d be very interested.

  7. Agnรจs

    Good morning Richard !!!!

    This is a great idea. Would other genky teachers in France enjoy gathering in Limoges so we could know each other and follow Richard on skype? I have a very big room to catter the class and a “gite” for those without car. Yes I am in the countryside, beautiful and relaxing setting for a workshop.

    I would be so pleased to get in touch with french genky teachers and to follow your workshop, Richard !



  8. ponytom

    It’s a cool idea to do the workshop over the skype, I am wondering how to grasp a chance to attend Richard’s real workshop while when the next term of Richard’s tour turn out is in China. So, I’d like to attend your virtual workshop asap!

  9. Carla Chazottes

    Hello Richard,
    I’m in France as well and I’m definitly interested in a Skype workshop. And it would be lovely to get in touch with other teachers in France using Genki.

  10. Minh Ngoc

    Hi Richard,

    I’m so happy to know this information. Is there any chance for me to attend the Skype workshop from VIET NAM? There are many teachers here are working on the traditional ways of teaching which lack of energy and inspiration. I love to share my colleges about GE tips and games, make them change their teaching methods. I can not wait to enjoy the real GE atmosphere instead of reading about it. Please let me know what qualifiations are needed .

    Thanks alot.

  11. richard

    Wow, thank you for the great replies everyone!

    It seems that France is quite popular!

    Vietnam, Seattle also no problem, as long as the internet is good enough for skype.

    Best way to proceed is to get a group of teachers together in your town, then get in touch with me to arrange a date. I envisage starting the charging from next year (it won’t be too much but free is better, yeah?), and I have workshops in Tanzania the first week of December, so the best time to take advantage of the offer would be September, October or November this year. Last week in India was totally amazing, the teachers got so energised from it, and I’m sure it will be a fantastic autumn boost to your local teachers too!

  12. Karen

    Hi Agnes

    I’m in Grenoble which is a five hour drive from you!!!!
    Anybody live somewhere in the middle?


  13. richard

    Oooo, I was at Uni in Grenoble! Would love to go back there for a workshop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Agnรจs

    Super ! Super !

    Richard, do you mean go back for a live workshop or skype ?

    A bientรดt donc,

    If genky teachers in France would enjoy exchanging news :


  15. Karen

    and you have a good northern accent like mine Richard!! (Bolton)
    I can offer you board and lodgings if you like!!!

  16. Izolda Kovac

    Great ideas, great opportunities!
    I teach in Serbia, close to Hungary and Croatia!


  17. Dan burgess

    I’m allll alone here in Qiebec Canada (snif) Is there anybody else remotely close?

  18. Andrea Santos

    Amazing!!! I live in Brazil and I really enjoy all your precious tips ! We (teachers from a language school) usually watch your videos and share many of your ideas…superuseful ๐Ÿ˜‰
    So I’M IN !!!

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