What’s in the stocking?

Here’s a great Christmas Party game I just wrote up in this month’s newsletter:

Pack a Christmas stocking with either real presents orminicards.
1. At one end of the room one child holds the stocking and asks “What would you like for Christmas?

2. The other kids, at the other side of the room, shout out things they think might be in the stocking.

3. If one of the items they shout out is actually in the stocking, the first child fishes it out of the stocking, holds it up and says “OK!”

4. All the other kids chase after him/her!

5. The first person to touch the kid with the stocking gets the present and the stocking.

6. Repeat from step 1

It’s crazy, but quite fun!

Richard Graham

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2 Responses to “What’s in the stocking?”

  1. Nena

    I really like the stocking game idea but can’t really do it in class there’s no room to run around… Any suggestions an how to modify it into a calmer in class game???? Maybe have the kids write what they’d like (a bike , a computer, etc. Put the toy flash cards in the stocking and have them fish it out…Then go around asking what did you get for Christmas??? I got a car but I wanted a doll! If they get what they wrote they shout..I got it, thank you Santa.

  2. richard

    Hi Nena,

    This game is mainly for Christmas party style things where you do have lots of space. For a normal class I’d recommend some of the games from the main Christmas page!

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