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Roger's PDF Worksheets & Games

Other games that work well in Junior High

Roger's PDF Worksheets & Games
These are a series of crosswords, dominos and games from Genki English reader Roger in Imakane. They're in pdf format, ready to print and also work great in High School.

Readers' Junior High Games
(no Japanese translations)

Joel Bacha's Curriculum GuideBook featuring even more ESL games

And there are even more ESL games ideas in Joel Bacha's Curriculum Guide Book


Teacher's SetThe Genki English Teacher's Set also works great in Junior High School for bringing excitment to class!

If you're in Japan we also have the full version on a USB stick. Use the Fax Order form to get your school to buy it for you.


NEW: Advanced Hip Hop Genki English

Funky new songs & online games aimed at High School Kids but work just as well in more advanced Junior High Classes!

NEW: Irregular Verbs Song

For JHS first graders the Kids Genki English songs also work great. Especially for the first few lessons in April, What's your name? and How are you? are the best way to set up a fun atmosphere from the start!

4 good tips for good high school lessons are:

Build up a good relationship with the kids,
Go in with a positive attitude
Learn a little about what they're interested in and use these to illustrate the points you are teaching.
(popstars, movies, sports etc.)
Any game can be used with any target language

Try some of the games on this page which all work well in Junior High and many High Schools. As usual, vary, vary, vary and if at first a game flops, try it with a different class.

Don't expect them to magically make your classes as good as Elementary School, but they'll certainly be better than boring grammar lessons!

You might also want to have a look at the official Ministry of Education (MEXT) Course of Study for Junior / Senior High School

And also my article "Teaching Teenagers, the Harry Potter Effect"


Phonics sounds quite complicated but all it means is that instead of learning the letters as "ay", "bee", "see", the kids learn the sounds the letters make. It's one of the officially recommended teaching methods for JHS, and is very effective, but isn't that widely know amongst Japanese teachers.

But if you want to make a difference with your first years, I'd definitely recommend having a go at doing phonics with them. You can check out my Genki Phonics course here.

More JHS ideas

textbook trailIf you want more ideas that are specifically designed for Junior High, then have a look at the Textbook Trail Book.

It's a big book of lesson plans and ideas, very useful for last minute lesson planning!

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