New Game: I want to be a ghost!

As you may have noticed, one of the new themes on Vol. 12 is “What do you want to be ….. for Halloween?

Here we take the regular jobs “What do you want to be?” and mash it up with the Happy Halloween monsters to come up with things like “I want to be a vampire!

Needless to say the kids love it!

And it lets us play this really cool game!

1. Print and hand out several sheets of the Β What do you want to be ….. for Halloween? minicards. Β (One sheet per person isn’t too many, just make sure you shuffle them well!)

2. The teacher starts off by putting down one card and saying “Look, there’s a …. ” plus the word on the card e.g. “Look, there’s a ghost!”

3. If anyone else has the same card they can shout out “I want to be a “ plus the item and they slap their card down on the pile e.g. here if they have a ghost card they shout out “I want to be a ghost!” and slap it down!

4. The quickest kid to do that can then put down another different one of their cards by saying “Look, there’s a …. ” plus the name of the card.

5. Repeat from step 3 until all the cards are gone!

It’s bascially a game of snap, but using the two different phrases makes it sound * really * impressive! Β (Especially if you have guests in the classroom!) Β With shouts of “Look, there’s a scarecrow!” Β  “I want to be a scarecrow!” Β “Look there’s a vampire!” etc. etc.

As I say just make sure you shuffle the cards well before hand!


P.S. Β The mini cards above are usually just for VIP members, but if you buy the vol. 12 download before Wednesday I’ll let you download them too!

P.P.S. Speaking of which, I’ve just put up a Β video tour of all the great stuff on vol. 12 so you can see what everyone is raving about! Remember the special deal finishes Midnight Wednesday so get your order in before then! Β (Do you Β think I’m a bit too loud in the video?)

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  1. Nena

    Another fun, easy and great game for students to practice lots of English, Thanks Richard!

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