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Do you like food?
(Alphabet Song!)

Target English: Food, "Do you like...?", "I like..." "I don't like...." etc.
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
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Lesson Plan

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Strange Food Stickers

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Do you like?
(Easy to Teach Remix)

Do you like Apples?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Bananas?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Cheese?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Doughnuts?

Do you like Eggs?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Fish?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Grapes?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Hotdogs?
Yes I do / No I don't.

Do you like Ice cream?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Jelly?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Ketchup?
Yes I do / No I don't.
Do you like Lettuce?

Do you like? m-z Remix

This is the same as above, but this time the list of foods is:

noodles, olives, pizza, quiche, rice, salad, toast, ugli fruit, vegetables, waffles,, yoghurt, zucchini.

In the classroom or at home ........

The teacher simply asks "Do you like apples?", "Do you like bananas?" etc. and the kids answer if they do or don't. Once you've gone through it once you can get the kids to sing whilst asking you or asking each other.
In chorus you say "Nice, nice, nice" and the kids repeat "Nice, nice, nice". Then you can also try the "m - z" remix which contains foods from Mayonnaise to Zucchini. Just note that there was no room to fit "X" or "U" into this song!

Recommended Game
: Big Group Genki Karuta

One good game for large classes is to do a "Do you like...?" variation of Karuta.

1. Split the kids into two halves, and give each team a cool name.
2. Three kids from each group are nominated to be the designated runners and stand at the back.
3. Put the picture cards at the front of the class.
4. Wander round the class and say "hello" to a random child ( or point the microphone to them if you have one)
5. This child then asks you "Do you like...?" plus one of the foods at the front.
6. You answer "No, I don't".
7. Wander around getting a few more kids to ask you.
8. Eventually you say "Yes, I do!" to one kid's question.
9. The front runner from each group has to rush forward and pick up the matching card. The further they have to run, the more fun!
10. Continue from 4

It's really fun and frantic and has lots of participation from many kids. One nice thing is that even weaker kids can say "Do you like apples?" or "bananas", and the more advanced kids will ask more complicated ones.
And everyone has to listen really carefully to what each child says. As you will have quite a few "No, I don'ts" before the final "Yes, I do" it's really good practise for everyone to listen really carefully to many kids in the class, after all the one time they don't listen maybe the one you say "yes" to!

The other good thing is that although most of the kids are sat down ( it's great for even very large classes), they are all listening and they all go crazy shouting the words out and supporting their runners as they run past them to get the cards!

Or small group Genki Karuta

Picture Books

There are also the online "I love vegetables" and "What's your favourite food?" picture books for this theme.

Weird Foods Cards

Here are some cards of "strange foods". You can use them with the Do you like..? song to easily introduce "Yes, I do!" and "No, I don't!". The cards were designed for Japanese kids, and although all the kids get a reaction, in some classes they actually like the weird stuff, and in some they don't, which is quite fun. Needless to say the last card isn't liked by anyone!

NEW: Even more weird food A4 cards and mini cards including such delicacies as snake salad, mayonnaise milkshake, octopus yoghurt, pea juice and scary toast!

Optional 2 player Hippo Worksheet Game:

1 . Each player hides their sheet from the other player.

2. They cut out the 8 pictures on the top right.

3. Place any 4 pictures on the "Yes, I do!" section.

4. Place the other 4 on the "No, I don't!" section.

5. The players rock, paper, scissors ( or try a coin toss) to see who goes first.

6. The winner says "Do you like" plus the name of one of the items.

If the item is on the other player's "Yes, I do" section then it is safe.

However, if the word is on the other player's "No I don't" section then the 2 players rock, paper, scissors again.

If the person who asked the question wins, and they can say the name of the card plus "please", they can steal the picture and place it in their hippo's tummy!

But if they lose at rock, paper, scissors , it is safe!

7. The other player now has a go at asking.

If you have taken everything from your opponent's "don't like" section then you have won!

pdf to print

The "Do you like?" song can be found in the Download Pack

Readers' Comments:

by Roger Parker

After doing the song and grammar ( but I also teach "Its OK" as an in between) I bring out a set of large Food flashcards and go through them one by one.
The first time is "What's this?"
Then I ask "Do you like ......" then I say "Yes I do" and those that like it say together "Yes I do"
Next I say "It's OK" etc
I do the same with "No, I don't " BUT after the kids reply I tap my hand on the table (like the Japanese TV Programme "Trivia no izumi" ) "HHHHHHEEE" the kids love this!!

I sometimes get a few high level kids to ask the teacher "Do you like ..." and they love to go HHHHHHHEEEEE with their hands to the teacher!
As I said lots of fun enjoy

Readers' Comments:

I'm loving the built-in picture book!


I love having the picture books right in the software instead of having to go out of the program to share them with my kids. Much easier.

My 14 kids in my city-sponsored summer program are having a blast using Genki English! Even I'm surprised at how fast the 2 and 3 nensei kids are remembering the material, and I've been using GE for about 2 years now in Elementary schools.

Rock solid proof, in my opinion, as to the validity of these lessons (and especially songs). My kids beg me to let them play a game (ANY game…even lessons they haven't done yet) on the denshi kokuban before class starts. And then it's a battle for the parents to get them to get out of the classroom and go home!! They don't want to leave!

Thanks again (I know I've said it before) for everything.

You know what: I never did the "Do you like " lesson. I searched for the topic like crazy on CD 5 and 8 and other where. I hardly believe it as I am through almost each single topic many times. It's all fabulous. Thanks you.


Really GREAT idea to include the picture book into the software, Richard!!! That way, there is always a story with the same vocab right there!
Thank you!


I agree with the others about the picture book! It is great having it all in the same place!! I am not sure when you added it but I also like how you added words 3 with I like and I don't like. Makes it a lot easier for the kids to learn that phrase. I love all the updates! Thanks for all your hard work Richard, I really appreciate it and so do my students!!!

I Love these new updates, I would really love to see more of the 2 player/team games too if possible (you know the one with the buttons for the kids to push on the screen). Thes will be great to use with the interactive whiteboard. thanks for all, keep it coming.


What can I add? Thanks Richard its awesome! Yes, I love the picture book, that will be very handy


Really cool, I love the heavy metal version. Thanks a lot!

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