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The Weather Lesson

Target English: weather + answers
Grade Level: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1

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"What's the weather like?"
by Richard Graham

What's the weather like?
What's the weather like?
What's the weather like today?
What's the weather like?
What's the weather like?
What's the weather like today?

It's rainy
It's cloudy
It's windy
And it's snowy.

( Repeat Chorus)

It's sunny
It's fine
It's hot
It's a beautiful day!

( Repeat Chorus)

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NEW: On the new Remix of CD Volume 1 there is the original "What's the weather like?" song, plus an easy to teach remix, and a new version with the question "How's the weather?"

One of the good points of this song is that instead of a set answer, you can teach the kids a variety of different answers,and they can choose their favourites!

Like the "How are you?" song, hand movements help a great deal when teaching these words..

When singing "rainy", put your hands in the air and make your fingers fall down like rain,

for "cloudy" your hands trace out a cloud shape in front of you,

for "windy" try swooshing your hands down from top right to bottom left,

for "snowy" you can pretend you are throwing a snow ball.

For "sunny" you trace out a circle in front of you,

for "fine" you hold your hand above your eyes like you can see a long way,

for "hot" you wipe your brow and

for "it's a beautiful day" it's good to lean back and outstretch your arms!

These kids just started lessons a few weeks ago!

Classroom Games

For younger kids, follow this up with the Weather Clap Clap game or any of the Genki English Vocab Games or for kids above 3rd grade, try the new "What's the weather like in.....?" game!

You call out a number and a type of weather - they draw the corresponding weather on that numbered Aygo or Mr Monkey!

Picture Book

Check out the new Weather Picture Book

You can find this song on CD vol. One and in the Download Pack. There is also a fun computer game quiz, where the kids can see if they really have learnt the words!!

Evaluation Worksheet (What's this?)

Readers' Comments

I loved this lesson, used it with middle school kids. I taught the vocab using Simon Says, assigning actions to each weather type. The students already knew all of the words you've listed, so I made it a little more difficult using words like "freezing" "sub zero" "boiling" "scorcher" and so on. They loved it!

Lauren Campbell

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