Junior High School Genki English (New Horizon)

The Japanese government is considering setting a new goal that 70% of Junior High School students should graduate with at least A1 level on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages index by 2024.

Apparently some teachers are saying this is “overly ambitious” 🙂

As Genki English has been certified to cover levels A1 and A2,  then we can safely say that the Genki English Teacher’s Set covers the government’s goals for JHS as well as elementary.  (And actually it means we cover a lot of the government’s aim for senior high school too!)

Of course you’re still going to get stick-in-the-mud teachers who say “Oh, but we have to teach the textbook.”

So what we do is to teach the Genki English lessons, but add them in to the textbook at the most appropriate points.

e.g. Unit 8 is asking about “Whose bag is this?”  so we use the GE Whose is it? lesson.

The school still gets to say that they “have covered the textbook” and the kids also get the fun, and more importantly, the results of using Genki English in the classroom.

Now would you like it if someone had very kindly mapped out the JHS lessons to the Genki English ones?  Well…..

To save you lots of time,  the very talented Gumby from the VIP Forum has made this amazing table showing just which Genki English lessons you can use to spice up (and get results for) the first set of JHS lessons.

Ninja Tip:  She’s done this for the New Horizon textbook, but of course a lot of it is similar for other textbooks too.

Here is the list,  enjoy!


New Horizon CD トラック番号 Curriculum Level Genki English Lesson
warm-up あいさつ 3 2 Brainy Good Morning
1 5 Adventure How are you?
使う英語 7 2 Adventure Genki Disco Warm Up
音とつづり 7 27,28 Phonics (original/slow)
数字 2 26,31 Experts Rocket Launch: Numbers 10 to 100
8 2, 20,24,25 Brainy Numbers 13 to 20
曜日 11 Kingdom Days of the week
月・日 3 11 High When is your birthday?
2 11 High What’s your favourite colour?
UNIT 1 ようこそ、日本の学校へ
I am Sakura 1 2 Adventure What’s your name?
You are Becky. Are you Becky? 9 9 Jumbo Excuse me, are you…?
No, I am not. I am not from Canada. 1 17 Fantastic Where are you from?
UNIT 2 みんな友達
This is my desk. That is my desk. 2 5 Fantastic Fruit Market
5 11 Legend Creepy Crawlies
2 20,23 Challenge Baby Rabbit Family
Is that a fish market? 7 14 Jumbo Adjectives: It’s not bad, it’s good!
He is(not)… /She is (not)… 9 8 Adventure  Pronouns: I, you, he, she, we
UNIT 3 はじめました、ブラウン先生
I like soccer. 8 14 Challenge I like (superhero!) vegetables
3 5 High What sports do you play?
13 Giant  Summer sports
Do you play the piano? 3 8 Brainy Do you like food?
I do not have a car. 8 5 Brainy Do you like animals?
6 5 Challenge Do you have any pets?
7 8 Challenge Do you have any brothers or sisters?
UNIT4 楽しい昼休み
What is this? 2 5 Fantastic Fruit Market
5 11 Legend Creepy Crawlies
3 17,18 Jumbo Adjectives: I have a question!
How’s the weather? 1 25 Brainy Weather
Math is interesting. Math is not easy. 11 High What’s your favourite subject?
7 14 Jumbo Adjectives: It’s not bad, it’s good!
What do you have for breakfast? 7 5 Jumbo What would you like for breakfast?
usually, sometimes
UNIT 5 お祭り大好き
Two cups.
How many CDs do you have? 8 5 Experts How many … do you have?
Let’s try kingyo sukui. 11 Dangerous Summer sports
UNIT 6 ベッキーのおばあちゃん
Nancy lives in America 6 20 Giant Where do you live?
Does she speak Japanese? Yes, she does. 9 5 Fantastic Can you speak….?
She does not know the rules.
UNIT 7 サンフランシスコの学校
Who is Becky? 12 Halloween Who is in the haunted house?
How old is she? 2 1 Brainy How old are you?
What time is it? 2 8 Giant  What time is it, Mr Wolf?
7 11 Giant  What time is it? Part 2
What’s the season there? 1 20 Adventure Thank you! (seasons)
What language do you study? 3 5 High What sports do you play?
13 Giant Winter Sports
Which is your favorite, pizza or tacos? 8 17 High What’s your favourite flavour?
New Horizon CD トラック番号 Genki English
UNIT 8 ナンシーに会いに
Where is my pet? 4 14 Where, where, where.
7 23 Legend Where is Baby Monkey?
5 22,31 Legend Where is Mr Monkey?
12 Legend Where is the spider?
10 20 Christmas Where are the Christmas presents?
13 Miracle Phonics “i” song
Whose bag is this? It’s mine. 13 Miracle  Whose is it?
It’s Sakura’s 12 High  Colours & Pirates
Do you know him/her? 5 25 Legend What do you think of … ?
11 Legend Look at me!
Greeting Cards 10 Christmas Happy New Year!   Get well soon!
UNIT 9 ケーブルカーに乗って
Sakura is listening to music now. 2 17(28-30) Incredible What are you doing?
Are they making noodles? 12 Halloween (We are making) Skeleton Soup
Don’t get on the car. Be careful. 11 Danger Summer Clothes  Don’t forget…Let’s
I’m looking for…(directions) 1 8 Adventure Left and right
2 14 Incredible Where are you going?
13 Miracle  North, South, East, West
Daily schedule
UNIT 10 観光地から
We can ride a bike. 9 2 Adventure I’m a superhero! I can….
Can you see that bridge? Yes, I can. cannot 5 8 Fantastic I can do it!
9 5 Fantastic Can you speak….?
6 8 Danger Under the sea
7 20 Fantastic Can you kick?
When can we camp?
Can I open the window? 13 Miracle May I borrow your (文房具)
3 USB Jumbo  I’m thirsty!
UNIT 11 一年の思い出
We walked around the park yesterday. 5 2  Kingdom When, When, When?
I went to school yesterday. 13 Giant  Summer sports / simple past 過去形
Did you study English yesterday? 13 Miracle  Baby Dinosaur, what did you do?過去形(不規則)
What’s wrong? I have a headache. 4 5 Danger   Doctor, Doctor! Body Parts


Do let us know what you think in the comments!

Ninja Tip:  And do push your hardest to get phonics into the first few weeks of Junior High lessons.  It will infinitely improve their reading and spelling compared with the horrendous AY BEE SEE they do!

Ninja Tip 2:  See here for how to use it with the “Hi Friends” curriculum if you’re in primary school.


Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genki—fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

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  1. Margit

    This is impressive.

    Of course I know we are covering up to SHS with Ge, but to see it in a table like this?!
    Well done!

    Guess, there will be a bit to correct in April with the new textbooks, but most probably it is minor changes.

    BTW, do you happen to be working on 2nd grade book too?

  2. gumby

    Richard, thanks for including the links!
    Margit, no, I haven’t done anything for the 2nd year. Once the new textbooks come out, I can see what I can do…though I think this year my town is using a different textbook!

  3. Gary

    That’s very useful. Nice one Gumby!

  4. Julie

    WOW! Gumby you are very generous to share all of your work here. Thank you so much! It’s inspiring me to want to teach in a school! ha ha

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